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Safety & Risk Management

Providing a safe working environment for our employees and customers is a fundamental pillar in FCA’s corporate governance.

Utilising our AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 aligned CASA approved Safety Management System, FCA is able to integrate risk management into its decision making processes, safety programs, procedures, business planning and performance reporting activities. Through the use of trend monitoring and self audits, hazards and their risks are able to be captured, evaluated, mitigated and then communicated.

A continuous promotion of a “Just Culture” within the company helps to promote safe work practices and self reporting from employees, resulting in more accurate and helpful reports. Staff are able to identify and digitally submit reports in real time to enable a quick and proactive response to any safety or production issues that may arise.

The “take five” approach to assessing task based risks ensures employee’s are constantly identifying new risks, and the potential for norms is reduced.


“THINK SAFE, BE SAFE” is an internal safety message that is prominently displayed in and around our facilities as a constant visual reminder of the companies and the individuals responsibility to ensure they and the other people around them are working in a safe environment.

Continuous inhouse training ranging from working safely at heights, to chemical management ensures our staff receive the most up to date standard practices, providing the essential tools to self identify and self report.

This is all monitored by our dedicated Safety Manager (SM) and Quality Manager (QM) whom ensures FCA is always complying with our internal and external safety obligations and requirements.



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