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The Environment

Aircraft painting historically produces a large amount of liquid and solid waste ranging from hazardous chemicals, to masking materials.

Primarily using the hierarchy of controls, FCA adopts alternative materials that substitute harmful chemicals that are typically extremely hazardous and costly to dispose of. Properly maintained Graco electrostatic spray equipment reduces material usage which in turn has multiple benefits other than reducing waste. Efficient planning and capitalising on the benefits of Basecoat Clearcoat (BCCC) paint systems enables FCA to reduce waste where ever possible.

Our commitment to the environment, drove us to make the conscious

decision to upgrade our existing chemical waste treatment plant, to a

fully automated system. This system captures and treats harmful waste

produced during repainting activities, ensuring either full compliance prior

to releasing to sewer or to regulated trade waste services. Treating onsite

enables us to reduce our total waste output and reliance on third party

trade waste services.

With an average of 300 days of clear sky per year, our facilities are in

primelocation to harness the power of the sun. FCA is in the advanced

planning stages of installing a 100kw solar PV system along with LED

efficient lighting to reduce our total power consumption and carbon

emissions by an estimated 65%, resulting in FCA becoming the most energy efficient paint facility in the world with the lowest carbon footprint and emissions, with aspirations on being completely carbon neutral.

Solar Panels.jpg










A N   E N H A N C E D   B U S I N E S S   I N I T I A T I V E 

This solar power will be utilised to not only provide as alternate power source, by procuring a Ground Power Unit (GPU) and capable tow tractors that are fully electric, they will be charged and/or provide ground power with zero emissions purely from solar, the first of it’s kind in Australia and the only paint shop in the world planning to offer carbon neutral towing and ground power services.

These projects, forged by our internal "better business" initiative TAKE OFF reiterates our commitment to ensuring that repainting an aircraft is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

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