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Flying Colours Aviation understands that a profitable aircraft is an aircraft in the air, and an aircraft not looking its best, can hurt the image and reputation of your airline.


Over the years we have perfected our processes from the experience and knowledge gained to develop efficient timelines, that utilise time effectively while the aircraft is on the ground.


Our systematic approach ensures we achieve the tightest possible turnaround time, the highest standard of quality, complying with OEM and Airline requirements and most importantly, in the safest way possible.

FCA also has the ability to provide limited in house maintenance support of repainting activities such as on wing flight control balancing, aircraft reweighs, filiform corrosion inspections and removal, aircraft movements, APU and Engine preservation, CRS issue and more.


This services eliminates the requirement to remove a LAME from service to support the activity, reducing costs and decreased productivity.

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