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Our Location


Flying Colours Aviation is located at Townsville Airport's Northern Australian

Centre of Excellence (NAACEX), in Queensland Australia.

Townsville is the forth largest city in Queensland with a population

of approximately 195,000. An average of 300 of sunshine per

year ensures a stable climate with average day temperatures

of 28.9°c (84°F), night temperatures of 19.8c (67°F) and 61%

humidity makes it a perfect location to take advantage

of the natural climate for aircraft painting. Doing so

means we do not have the expense and impact

associated with full climate controlled facilities,

naturally minimising our environmental footprint.

Our geographical location means there is an

extremely low risk from natural disasters such as

volcano's, earthquakes or other weather events.

With its close proximity to Cairns and Brisbane

International airports, Townsville Airport is either an

existing revenue port or short ferry flight away for

domestic and international airline operators, opening the doors for back to back repaint

programs without the expense and network impact of costly ferry flights to a non-revenue port. 

Townsville Airport is also unique, in that it is a joint user airport shared with the Royal Australian

Air Force (RAAF) and Australian Army. The Australian Defence Force (ADF) and other international

defence allies can leverage the infrastructure and support available at RAAF Townsville while having aircraft repainted at FCA.

With one of the seven natural wonders of the world at our door step, The Great Barrier Reef is a constant reminder to us of the responsibility we have to ensure our operations are carried out in the most environmentally responsible manner possible, protecting the reef so it can be enjoyed by generations to come.

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